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  2. Beyond behaviour change: social marketing and social change
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This study and others confirm that Americans are expecting companies to be engaged in the process of making an impact when it comes to social and environmental matters. Americans are concerned about the future and recognize that their finances are a vehicle to influence change. The results showed that millennials are the most likely demographic to tell friends and family about CSR efforts and to give a company direct feedback.

A company targeting the millennial customer as a component of their business model would be wise to become socially and environmentally responsible. Employing this knowledge in your marketing department is critical in a sustainable corporation. Every corporation has a unique story.

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Communicating your unique story to those who care about hearing it is paramount for building success and investing relationally with your consumers. Understanding how to promote your corporation as eco-friendly in marketing positions you for high performance. This promotion begins with creating or designing your marketing identity. It will support you in determining who your optimal customers are, to what degree your products and services matter to them and what method to target them with in a marketing climate.

This strategic hook renews corporations by noticing new opportunities with marketing and sales in an eco-friendly environment.

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Identity is saying as a business or corporation that we want to be perceived in a particular fashion. Today many corporations are reshaping their image to be identified as socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

This is often referred to as green marketing. Demographic changes can have adverse effects on marketing efforts of companies: the declining birth rate in most Western countries, the U. Changes in age, ethnic and gender composition can also influence the demand for certain products within a given area. Many people are now working longer hours than before -- almost 50 hours a week compared to just over 40 hours several decades ago.

Beyond behaviour change: social marketing and social change

This has resulted in limited available free time for shopping and leisure activities. Time-short people seek to gain or maximize their free time.

From a marketing standpoint, this means that many people, especially two-income households, with more income but less time are more willing to pay for convenience. Thus, you should market products that help consumers save time or make full use of it. One example is the yogurt drink, Nouriche, which allows consumers to multitask by driving and eating at the same time.

Social marketing

For reasons such as the rising number of two-income families, male-female roles related to families, jobs, recreation and buying behavior have changed significantly. Employed women are also seeking a better balance between work and family. This makes them opt for time-saving products such as prepared and frozen foods and more efficient appliances and cleaning products.

Consumers are increasingly becoming conscious of environmental conservation. One notable example is the development of hydrogen and electric-powered vehicles by motor companies such as Tesla and Honda.

What is Social Marketing?

Such vehicles release non-toxic waste to the environment such as water. Skip to main content. Population Demographics Demographics involve the study of population factors such as the percentage of the population who are of a given occupation, gender or race.

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