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  1. Political Science Research Methods
  2. Chapter Summary

Faculty with active research programs in comparative politics, international relations, and political theory provide training and mentoring to Ph. Being able to draw from both has been invaluable. Requirements Apply to the Ph. Students Ph.

LSE III Annual Conference 2017 - From Ideas To Practice New Frontiers In Research

Dissertations Ph. Particular attention is paid to the problems of political and state development of contemporary Russia.

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Research is based on the principles of methodological pluralism and the interdisciplinary approach, as well as studies of international relations and dialogue of civilizations in the context of ongoing changes in the global landscape. Concurrently, traditional methodological tools of Political Science are being reconsidered.

Seriya: Politologiya.

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Political Science Research Methods

Current Issue Vol 21, No 2 A prominent weapon in the toolkit of violent nonstate actors for a generation, suicide bombing generates a significantly larger number of casualties per Figure 1: Change in the number and percentage of suicide bombings over time, — Moving average over two years, — Source: Google Ngram Michel et al.

Source: Google Scholar.

Immigrant populations in many developed democracies have grown rapidly, and so too has an extensive literature on natives' attitudes toward immigration. This research has developed from two theoretical foundations, one grounded in political economy, the This essay synthesizes the results of the large number of studies of late—20th-century democratization published during the last 20 years.

Chapter Summary

Strong evidence supports the claims that democracy is more likely in more developed countries and that regime The two numbers in each cell represent the respective pay-offs to the two factions. Upper left cell: pay-offs of a successful intervention by the unified mil The best outcome for everyone is for both factions to hold office upper left cell. The worst outcome occurs when both are out of po This article examines if the emergence of more partisan media has contributed to political polarization and led Americans to support more partisan policies and candidates.

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Congress and some newer media outlets have added more partisan messages to a