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E-mail: info frenchclass. First segment focuses on D-Day, including Allied assaults on the beaches at Normandy and the jubilant welcome the GIs received after the liberation of Paris. When he fails to appear for their amateur soccer match, they search for him high and low. One day at the local cinema, the boys believe they see him on screen and steal a reel of the film as proof. February 18, Free - pm. Talks on Sartre, Beauvoir, Foucault and others by a wide range of specialists, including Judith Butler.

You must let us know by next Monday, Feb. Reviewed in the February 9 SF Weekly, p.


CA www. February 22, Louis Bleriot set out in to fly across the English Channel, the first long-distance flight over water and the first air crossing of a national boundary. February March 1, A French Film Festival with screenings and discussions with film directors and critics.

FREE and open to the public. All films in French with English subtitles. Stanford University. Or contact: alduy stanford. The Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages is pleased to announce a series of screenings, discussions, and seminars with some of the most influential figures in French cinema today. All films are in French with English subtitles, and discussions will be in English. All events are free and open to the public. Mardi 1er mars.

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February 23, Information: Philibert and Lopez have two things in common: both take pleasure in small things, and both are inspired by the teaching moment no one else sees. Before To Be and To Have made him a celebrity, Philibert was widely if quietly admired for his thoughtful forays into worlds apart: the world of the museum Louvre City, Animals , deaf society In the Land of the Deaf , an insane asylum Every Little Thing , each observed with humanity and humor. Philibert may be the Renoir of documentary filmmaking, so busy are his subjects making their small theatricals, or quietly muttering to themselves, or sizing up a work of art, or having epiphanies, and no longer knowing he and his camera are there.

But he is there, and, make no mistake, with a story in mind-an action story, if you will, of thought physically expressed in being. In addition to presenting a lecture on the opening night of the series, Philibert will be present at screenings to engage with the audience, and will hold a workshop with students and others interested in his process.

With the artist in person.

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Sign Language Interpretation Provided. Artist in Person La Moindre des choses. Artist in Person. Total running time: mins. Pacific Film Archive. Pour plus d'information, www. But where are the stretching racks, the torture devices? And who are these two people sitting across from me in this elaborately designed waiting room? When will the torture start? OR, has it already begun? Jean-Paul Sartre's classic about human nature, the afterworld and revenge will take you by surprise in a fresh new translation that captures the humor and intensity of this absurd situation.

Reservations and Information: and at www. As Hilda's own personal life is rapidly consumed -- and ultimately destroyed -- by her needy and greedy employer, the play's deceptively simple dialogue creates a larger, riveting picture of the insidious motivations pulsing beneath the current of modern-day class relations.

American Conservatory Theater.

Reviewed in the February 9th Pacific Sun, p. February 26, February 27, Church of St. Vincent de Paul, 35 Liberty St. There will be a master class for organists at the console following the recital. February 28, Through February 28, Full five-course meal, music, circus stunts, tap dancing, magic, food-fetish parody, and lots of boisterous audience interaction.

Over the top.

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Nous habitons Petaluma. Veuillez contacter : martin fornage. Seeking a French speaking preferably a professional French woman in her thirties actor or tour guide whom is living in San Francisco that can translate one evening for a small group of French visitors on Dec. The evening will involve dinner, entertainment and a very interesting tour of the city.

Sophisticated and conservative individuals need apply only. Some knowledge of San Francisco is important.

Read Stability - Historical study and educational resources

We are looking for a native French speaker to teach French to our 3 year old daughter. We're looking for someone who can introduce her to language, become friends with her, talk to her, read, play with her and so on. Either me or my wife will be at home, so it's not even babysitting as such. We are looking for someone who can be more of a teacher than a caregiver to her. We hope to establish a long term relationship with someone. Please contact Vadim at vpokotylo yahoo. See "This Month's Events," above, for details on special screenings!

All titles listed in alphabetical order, with special dates given in red. Franco Zeffirelli. Fanny Ardant plays the great soprano Maria Callas in this fictional tale, in which the diva, in , agrees to make a film version of CARMEN using her recording as the soundtrack. For Callas cognoscenti, it just doesn't get better. They include activities coaching and supporting farmers to strengthen their resilience to various hazards.

The EU Delegation in Madagascar is continuing its consultation and coordination with other development partners active in Madagascar as well as with the Malagasy authorities to ensure that the conditions are met to permanently halt the locust threat. Particular attention is being paid to strengthening surveillance and preventive control capabilities. Fenomeno del land grabbing nei paesi in via di sviluppo. Oppure il caso del distretto di Sre Ambel Cambogia , in cui famiglie stanno ricorrendo in giudizio per riavere la terra da cui sono state sfrattate nel per far posto a una piantagione.

In aggiunta sono anche illustrati i gravi conflitti per la terra scatenatisi in paesi come Mali, Zambia e Malawi. A recent study by a major international organisation shows that many companies purchase vast swathes of land in developing countries for sugar cultivation, uprooting the indigenous population without consent from or reimbursement to the communities occupying the land.

The study mentions specific cases, such as the situation in the State of Pernambuco Brazil , where a fishing community was violently expelled in to make room for a sugar refinery, and the case of the Sre Ambel district Cambodia , where families turned to the courts to recover the land they were evicted from in to make room for a plantation. The study also illustrates serious conflicts over land in countries like Mali, Zambia, and Malawi. Multinationals operating throughout the world are involved in land grabbing.

efmelemos.ga This practice depletes the soil, creates social tensions and serious conflicts over land, and starves populations that subsist on agriculture and raising livestock. Does the Commission believe it opportune to perform assessments on the consequences of sugar production on local communities in these countries? The EU Regulation on the provision of food information to consumers applies to all foods delivered to the final consumer or to mass caterers. Regarding mandatory origin labelling, it requires the Commission to submit reports to Parliament and the Council exploring the possibility to extend mandatory origin labelling with respect to certain foods.

Depending on the outcome of the reports, the Commission may submit proposals to modify the relevant Union provisions or take new initiatives, where appropriate, on a sectoral basis.

Wikipédia:Oracle/semaine 42 — Wikipédia

As such, the Commission cannot at this stage take a position on the issue raised at hand. The Commission performs assessments in third countries in relation to its activities, and reports are available on its involvement in the sugar sector for Malawi. The Commission , inter alia , supports independent organisations, such as the International Land Coalition, the main provider of the information from the ground used by OXFAM in its sugar rush campaign.

The Commission actively supports processes to ensure the agro-food industries are committed to and held responsible for respect for customary land rights. The current negotiations on responsible agricultural investments will specifically tackle the obligations of the private sector in land acquisition. Rendicontazione dei finanziamenti dell'Unione europea diretti a Haiti. Solamente queste organizzazioni sanno come sono stati spesi i soldi e non devono renderne conto a nessuno. Ogni anno vengono eseguite missioni di verifica esterne, come anche missioni di audit e valutazione di ciascun programma di sviluppo al suo completamento.

La realizzazione delle operazioni finanziate dalla DG Aiuti umanitari prevede diversi livelli di verifica e controllo lungo tutto il ciclo del progetto, tra cui: Haiti is the poorest country in the Americas: Only these organisations know how the money was spent, and they are accountable to no one. Moreover, it should be stressed that there was a great deal of work during the emergency, but subsequently, most NGOs left the country. EU funding to Haiti includes both humanitarian and development assistance. External monitoring missions are carried out annually, including the audit and evaluation of each development programme after completion.

A comprehensive evaluation is currently being carried out on the sustainability, impact, relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of EU development cooperation to Haiti from The implementation of Humanitarian Aid funded operations is ensured through several layers of checks and controls throughout the project cycle. An evaluation of EU supported humanitarian actions in was carried out in Rigassificatori e strategia energetica comune.

Per poter raggiungere tale obiettivo, indispensabile per l'Italia come per l'Europa, sono in costruzione diversi rigassificatori al largo delle coste italiane, che per entrare in funzione a costi competitivi di mercato devono accedere al regime regolato dell'energia e beneficiare di un fattore di garanzia. Contrariamente a quanto accade nel settore dell'energia elettrica, le reti intelligenti suscitano un debole interesse nel settore del gas, in particolare a causa dell'incertezza dei costi e dei benefici. Contrary to the high support given by the power sector to the electricity smart grids, the interest of the gas industry in smart gas grids seems to be much lower, especially due to cost and benefits uncertainties.

A study conducted by the gas industry and network operators under the Smart Grid Task Force concluded that smart gas grids cannot be developed in isolation but should be linked to future electricity smart grids and should facilitate smart energy utilisation, e. However, further development seems to be necessary to ensure fully exploitation of the requested smart grids investments.